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Dometic introduces a slim-line version of the Dometic Refrigeration 10 series, its ground-breaking dual (left/right) opening fridge. In a slim design, the new RML10.4 absorption refrigerator brings all the benefits of the 10 series, offering the best cooling performance in its class and an innovative double-hinged door.

Since its market introduction in 2018, the Dometic 10 series with its patented double-hinged door has gained a reputation for convenience of usage and flexibility of installation in motorhomes and caravans.

The new RML10.4 absorption refrigerator is tall and slender but offers a generous capacity of 133 litres and integrates the best features of the Dometic 10 series.

RV Refrigerator RML 10.4

The double-hinged door can be conveniently opened from either side, left or right, without the need to change the hinge. The door can be accessed at any height, because the handle extends down the entire height of the fridge.

The RML10.4 provides the best cooling performance in its class and a TFT display with a turning knob that allows for easy changes in settings such as temperature and energy source. It also comes with a vegetable/fruits bin with adjustable humidity.

Key features:

  • Double-hinged door – opens left and right without the need to change the hinge
  • Removable freezer compartment with double-hinged door
  • Best-in-class cooling performance
  • Ease of use with intuitive TFT display and turn/push button
  • Elegant aluminium door handles extending over the complete fridge height
  • Two-point locking mechanism on either side for increased safety
  • Flat door with customizable decor panel (variable thickness 1.2 mm – 3 mm)
  • Vegetable / fruit bin with adjustable humidity
  • CI bus connectivity
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